Subscription service as an external press-office

  • Consulting in the area of information policy to light in the integration with mass media.
  • Regular communication with journalists, information gathering on forthcoming publications, subjects and reviews of mass media, initiation of journalists’ requests.
  • Rapid response to journalists’ requests, organization of comments, interview, preparing of information materials together with companies’ representatives (speakers).
  • Generation of press events together with company.
  • Preparation of press releases and their distribution via mass-medias’ database, control over receiving and gathering information on publications.
  • Accompany first person, top-managers of the company during the interviews including the ones providing on TV.
  • Monitoring of publications produced which are initiated by the agency.

Organization of press-events and their PR-maintenance

  • Developing of concepts and plans of events.
  • Choosing of the platform, rental issues agreement.
  • Recommendations on speakers' reports (focus on information that is interesting for mass-medias).
  • Searching information partners of events, information sponsorship packages’ agreement.
  • Mass-media invitation, accreditation, work with them during and after the event.
  • Press-pack forming.
  • Providing the presence of necessary amount of journalists during the event (according the agreement between agency and company).
  • Preparing and distribution of press release announced as well as press release after event.
  • Work with journalists during event.
  • Organization of mass-medias’ questioning to speakers/company’s stand while participating in external event (exhibition, forum etc).
  • Post-communication with journalists and company’s speakers.
  • Organization of buffet menu.
  • Organization of photo- and videography.
  • Clipping of released materials and report after event.

Analysis of company’s information presence/monitoring of mass media and social platforms

  • Analysis of company’s information presence in mass media and social platforms.
  • Analysis of competitive environment.
  • Regular monitoring of mass media and social platforms. Reporting periodicity: everyday/every week/ every month at time agreed.
  • Company’s reputation audit in information environment.

Digital marketing

  • Analysis of present situation, monitoring, evaluation of competitive environment.
  • Developing of communication plan and its promotion in the Internet.
  • Tasking and selecting means for digital-strategy realization.
  • Developing of main themes, preparing context for digital-promotion.
  • Searching and involving new target users.

Anti-crisis PR

  • Analysis of current situation.
  • Monitoring and evaluating of competitive environment.
  • Elaboration of response means.
  • Developing and realization of strategy with different scenarios and evaluations of potential risks, choosing passive and active action plan.
  • Regular monitoring of current situation, correcting action plan (if it is necessary).
  • Developing plan for further company’s promotion.